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Yoga board game - in the Jungle

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Into the Green Forest Yoga Maze Game - Printable Digital Version

Embark on a whimsical journey into the green forest with our printable Into the Green Forest Yoga Maze Game! This delightful board game combines physical activity, mindfulness, and family fun, creating an enriching experience for all ages.


- Forest-Themed Yoga Poses: Explore a variety of yoga poses inspired by forest animals, each with unique challenges and fun activities.

- Interactive Maze Board: Navigate through the maze using pom-poms or any household items as markers.

- Family-Friendly: Designed for 1, 2, or more family members to play together, promoting teamwork and healthy exercise habits.

- Mindfulness and Relaxation: Incorporates deep breathing exercises and relaxing poses, teaching children the importance of mindfulness.

- Customizable Fun: Includes animal cards to replace and change the animals on the game board, introducing new challenges and excitement.

How to Play:

1. Print the maze board game and animal cards.

2. Each player chooses an orange circle to place their game piece and can move left or right along the maze path.

3. Upon reaching an animal, the player performs that animal's yoga pose.

4. Parents can guide children in performing the pose, including the animal sound if applicable, and then the entire family can joyfully mimic the forest character together.

5. The game can also start from green circles, where players choose their favorite animal positions, hold the pose, and move along the maze to see which orange circle they reach and if they meet another member there.

6. The game ends when players reach different stopping points within the maze, concluding with a relaxing pose.

Perfect for rainy days, family gatherings, or just a fun way to exercise together, the Into the Green Forest Yoga Maze Game is a delightful addition to any household. Promote wellness, bond with your family, and enjoy hours of interactive fun with this unique yoga board game.

Order now, download, and print to start your adventure into the green forest today!

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Yoga board game - in the Jungle

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