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Yoga board game - world of food

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Product Description:

World of Food Yoga Maze Game

Bring fun and wellness into your family time with our engaging World of Food Yoga Maze Game! Perfect for families with children, this innovative board game combines physical activity, mindfulness, and educational elements to create an enriching experience for everyone.


- Themed Yoga Poses: Explore a variety of yoga poses inspired by the world of food, each with unique challenges and fun activities.

- Interactive Maze Board: Navigate through the maze using your fingers, encountering different poses along the way.

- Family-Friendly: Designed for 1, 2, or 3 family members to play together, promoting teamwork and healthy exercise habits.

- Mindfulness and Relaxation: Incorporates deep breathing exercises and relaxing poses, teaching children the importance of mindfulness.

- Educational and Fun: Learn about different foods, their characteristics, and enjoy creative storytelling with each pose.

How to Play:

1. Start by sitting at the beginning of the maze and take 3-5 deep breaths.

2. Each player chooses their own path and performs a starting yoga pose.

3. Move your finger along the chosen path, and when you encounter a pose, perform it together as a family.

4. Complete the challenge associated with each pose, enhancing both physical and mental engagement.

5. The game ends when each player reaches a different stopping point, concluding with a relaxing pose to wind down.

Perfect for rainy days, family gatherings, or just a fun way to exercise together, the World of Food Yoga Maze Game is a delightful addition to any household. Promote wellness, bond with your family, and enjoy hours of interactive fun with this unique yoga board game.

Buy now and embark on a deliciously fun yoga adventure with your loved ones!

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Yoga board game - world of food

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